5 Reasons to use OEM Parts

Your vehicle is a major investment that you depend on to get you where you are going. Cars are built to last and provide many years of service. But problems with the vehicle can and will occur along the way. Many of these problems affect the vehicle’s efficiency and operation. You’ll need to schedule service quickly at the auto repair shop st. peters mo when problems occur so they don’t grow into larger problems. But, don’t choose just any repair center. Instead, choose a name that uses quality OEM parts for your repair. Read below to learn five reasons OEM parts are important to use during your repairs.

1.    Made for Your Car: Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are designed to fit your make and model vehicle unlike aftermarket parts that are made in bulk and designed to fit many cars.

2.    Warranty: Aftermarket parts don’t include a warranty and oftentimes fail shortly after they’re installed. That isn’t a concern when OEM parts are used because they include a minimum two-year warranty. Should problems occur, you won’t pay again to repair.

3.    Peace of Mind: When you know your vehicle uses the best parts, there is a greater peace of mind and confidence in the repair. You need and deserve that peace of mind.

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4.    Longer Lifetime: Using quality OEM parts will help extend the lifetime of your car. You’ll also enjoy more pristine driving conditions.

5.    Reliable & Durable: OEM parts are made using quality parts and components so there is little worry that they lack the reliability and durability that you need and deserve.

There are many reasons to use OEM parts when you need a vehicle repair, including the five here. Talk to your auto repair tech to learn more about these parts and why they’re so much more useful than aftermarket parts.